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The Audrey Johnson Show attends the Fire & Ice Mixinarty (part mixer, part seminar, part party) hosted by the Ventura Chamber of Commerce YPG (Young Professionals Group) in the V2TC (Ventura Ventures Technology Center), featuring speeches by serial entrepreneur Matthew Graczyk, CEO of Coupeez, and by civic entrepreneur, City of Ventura Mayor, and author Bill Fulton.

V2TC Executive Director Joey Briglio opens the seminar part of the YPG Mixinarty held at the V2TC business incubator.

Coupeez founder and CEO Matthew Graczyk, a serial entrepreneur with 20 years experience, who received the Hilton Distinguished Entrepreneur Award and has been inducted into Loyola Marymount University’s prestigious Entrepreneur’s Wall of Honor, addresses the entrepreneurs with a substantive speech. The first two points require a banana.

City of Ventura Mayor Bill Fulton speaks about being a civil entrepreneur, using ideas from his book presented at this event’s book signing, “Romancing the Smokestack” (literally, “Romancing the $moke$tack”).

Photon Concepts founder, and co-founder of YPG, Peter Duffy, exhorts personal development.

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