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The Audrey Johnson Show attends the Fire & Ice Mixinarty (part mixer, part seminar, part party) hosted by the Ventura Chamber of Commerce YPG (Young Professionals Group) in the V2TC (Ventura Ventures Technology Center), featuring speeches by serial entrepreneur Matthew Graczyk, CEO of Coupeez, and by civic entrepreneur, City of Ventura Mayor, and author Bill Fulton.

Audrey Johnson interviews several of the entrepreneurs during the party part of the Mixinarty, and the principal speakers:

– Dr. Cassandra Woods, CEO of the Children’s Therapy Network,

– Robert Jacobi, Managing Director of Main Course California,

– Theresa & Mark Delgado, Owners of the I would rather be Baking Company,

– Sara Villagomez, President of Amadeus LST – Limousine*Shuttle*Taxi,

– Joey Briglio, Executive Director of V2TC – Ventura Ventures Technology Center,

– Matthew Graczyk, founder and CEO of Coupeez,

– William Fulton, Mayor of the City of Ventura.

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