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The Audrey Johnson Show celebrates New Year’s Eve 2011 at Pirates Grub N Grog


Audrey Johnson: Live In 805, With The Audrey Johnson Show.
We’re at the Pirates, in Oxnard.
This is so exciting to be here, on New Year’s Eve.
This is the way to break it in.
Live Music, champagne for everyone, and guess what?
We had fun, we danced the night through.
2011. Here we go, the way to break it out.
Check it all out. Watch what happen, right at Pirates.

Glenn Scheper: Here comes the drink.

Scott Johnson: A toast: To a wonderful new year!


Check out the band:
Cover 2 Cover Music
email: dave@cover2covermusic.com

Sopheak Riem: Come on down. It’s a wonderful wonderful place.
Good crowd. Good vibe. Good music. Good drinks. And great food!

Audrey: That’s right. Now tell us about 2011. What do you think of, going into…

Sopheak: All I know, I hope peace and prosperity for everybody, and health.

Audrey: That’s right.

Sopheak: The future’s really unexpected, so who knows what it holds.
But I hope it holds the best for everybody.

Audrey: That’s right.

Audrey: Come on down.

Sopheak: It’s not only happening on New Year’s Eve, but all the time.

Audrey: Tell us about the Happy Hour. Is there any Happy Hour?

Sopheak: We have Happy Hours Monday through Sunday.
So, seven days a week we are open, and we are here to serve you guys.

Audrey: … Right here with the owner of Pirates, the place you want to come to.
Tell us; This was a happening place for New Year’s Eve. You actually know how to party.

Jeff Namson: It was a lot of fun. Everybody had a lot of fun.
We had a full house. And we continue to keep doing that for every weekend: We have live music.

Audrey: So every weekend you have something happening here.

Jeff: Friday and Saturday we have live music.
On Thursdays we have Salsa lessons and dancing.
On Tuesdays we have Karaoke.
And then we have all the different sports.

Audrey: What kind of sports?

Jeff: Every kind of sport that you want to watch, we’ve got.

Pirates Grub N Grog
Restaurant & Sports Bar
450 S. Victoria Ave,
Oxnard CA 93030

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