YPG Ventura (Episode 102)

Posted on 12. Nov, 2010 by in The Show

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The Young Professionals Group (YPG) Ventura is a platform for young professionals to develop professionally, network, and support the mission of the Ventura Chamber. The YPG held their mixer Friday October 8, 2010 at Ventura’s stellar Watermark Restaurant & W2O Rooftop Lounge.

[Ventura Mayor Bill Fulton and other guests are riding up the Watermark elevator:]

Mayor Fulton: Hi. I realize that we don’t usually have video in the elevator, but I’m… we’re happy to have you here.

That’s all right. We don’t need to be in the video. Just a welcome party.

I’m the mayor of Ventura, so I welcome everyone to the Watermark.

I’m the president of the United States. [Laughter]

Really? Did you see the other day, that the president was having a press conference, and the presidential seal fell off the podium! Did you see that? Well, he said, “You all know who I am.”

Audrey Johnson: Tonight, I’m so honored to be standing here with the mayor of Ventura. We’re at the Young Professional Group, right here, at the Watermark. You are the mayor. You’ve been in this city since 1987. And I’m standing here, and I feel like I’m talking to Steve Martin, right? [Laughter]

Right. So I’m very excited about being here, Live in 805, with The Audrey Johnson Show, and it’s a pleasure to be here. Why don’t you share with me what’s going on, not just with me, but with the viewer, what’s happening in Ventura. It’s like the place to be.

It is totally the place to be. Audrey, we’re so excited to have the Young Professionals from the Chamber here at the Watermark. We’re at downtown Ventura. There is no scene in Ventura County like downtown Ventura, none whatsoever. So if you live in Oxnard, or in Camarillo, or Thousand Oaks, the town of Ventura is where you want to be: Because that’s where the restaurants are, and that’s where things are happening. Right now upstairs we have the Young Professionals from the Chamber of Commerce. They are here. We are so excited to have young, fresh blood in town here. And we just want everybody to come down, no matter where you live, come down to Ventura, enjoy our restaurants, and our bars, and our scene here. And it’s just a really happening place to be; It’s just really terrific. And we love having everybody come here.

That’s right, and just being here in the Ventura County myself, this is the place.

It’s totally the place. I talk to people… I hate to say this… And, Mayor Holden, forgive me… I talk to people from Oxnard all the time, who think of downtown Ventura as kind of like, their neighborhood.

It is. You know, I’ve been living in Ventura County… Oxnard… River Ridge since 2003, but I’ve always come to Ventura because I feel like I’m on vacation every day. That’s exactly what it is. It’s a vacation. The place is wonderful… the people… the scenery… talking to local–your mayor here.

That’s right. You never know when you’re going to run into the mayor.

This is the place to be. So come on down!

You know, you made a joke about, sometimes people think I look a little like Steve Martin? But, I see lots of celebrities in downtown Ventura at different times. It’s good watching. […more…]

Live in 805, on the Audrey Johnson Show, and I’m honored to be standing here with Timur Taluy, and he is running for the Harbor Commission in Oxnard. And it’s so exciting standing here next to him, because he has an interesting background: as an engineer, and a businessman, and entrepreneur…. Share exactly what is going on November 2nd…

Well, as you know, the gubernatorial election us November 2nd. As part of that, the people of Oxnard and Port Heuneme get to choose three new Harbor Commissioners. And there’s eight people running. And I’m one of them. And what people don’t know is the harbor is such an important part of our life here in Ventura County, because the port brings in a lot of cargo. We bring in over seven billion dollars–billion with a B–of cargo, and that generates over 4500 jobs in our community. […more…]

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