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The Audrey Johnson Show – Live In 805 – Episode 104 – Veterans Day Flag Raising

Audrey Johnson: Happy Veterans Day to all the Vets. Let us all celebrate the raising of the flag at River Ridge Golf Course with Paul The Flag Man and the VETS.

Paul (The Flag Man) Bramson: The world is watching us… Okay. We have an official Air Force mug for you. Okay. And while you’re raising and lowering the flag, we’d like you to have, to wear… It’s a gift from….

Audrey: We just finished breakfast at the Veterans non-profit board today, and I’m standing here with Amber Murray, who is… Amber, share with us who you are.

Amber Murray: I actually work for Oxnard Family Circle Adult Day Healthcare. We have a contract with the V.A. and we help service elderly veterans in the community.

Audrey: Awesome. And what inspired you to be part of this board, Veterans?

Amber: My husband is actually in Batallion 40 and he is serving in Afghanistan right now.

Audrey: We want to shout out on Veterans Day, what a wonderful beautiful wife you have. She’s not only on the board, she’s running off to work on Veterans Day. And your husband is off, and you still have that big smile. And we want to shout to all the men out there, on this special day, we want to thank you; Peace; Continue doing an awesome job.

Amber: Yes. Thank you. Happy Veterans Day.

Connie Poulson: We’re going to start with the raising of the American Flag. And that will done by Miss Rennie Goodnature and a Call to Arms.

[Bugler bugling.]

Connie: Please join me in singing the national anthem.

[Guitarist/Singer Trish Lester]: Oh, say, can you see….

[Fred Reinholt raises the American flag.]

Audrey: I’m standing here at River Ridge Golf Course with two handsome, beautiful servants, who served all of us. Can you share who you are, and your uniform, what it represents? Why are you here today?

R.T. Lee: I’m part of the VEC. I’m retired Air Force. The name is R.T. Lee, Jr., United States Air Force, Retired.

Audrey: Yes, Yes. And how long did you serve though?

R.T.: Twenty-six years and thirteen days.

Gentry Humphrey: R.T., though, before I introduce myself, tell them a little bit more about yourself.

R.T.: Okay… Well… I’m a Tuskeegee Airman.

Gentry: Wow. So he should be applauded for that.

Audrey: So let’s all give him applause. I’m going to give you a hug. [Laughter.] A hug, a hug, a hug… Now, for those who don’t know what that means, tell us.

R.T.: Okay. Well, World War II, it was assumed because I was black, that I couldn’t…, that an airplane was too complicated for me. Well, I objected to that. An airplane wasn’t…. It was just something to do.

Audrey: I’m ready to cry…

R.T.: So, I learned to fly. You know, World War II… I did it.

Gentry: My name is Gentry Humphrey, and I’m with the state Employment Development Department. And my thing, on my job, is trying to connect the talented veterans to employment and training opportunities. Now as you probably know, California is home to the largest veterans population within the nation. And unfortunately, a substantial number of those veterans–we’re talking approximately 2.1 million veterans in California–a substantial number of those veterans are homeless, many of them without employment. So we have to do more. Today is Veterans Day, and I’d really like to say to all of those, If you have not had an opportunity to hug a veteran today, then find a day when you can hug a veteran.

Audrey: Yes. Please do. And not only hug. We have this non-profit organization that’s start-up by Paul, “VETS”. And, please donate.

[Video continues with four more interviews in two minutes….]


Phone 805-659-3351

V.E.T.S – “Helping To Prevent Homelessness One Veteran At A Time”

Veterans Educational Transitional Services (V.E.T.S.)
A California Non Profit Benefit Corporation 501(c)3 pending Tax ID # 27-3535142
Phone 1-888-918-FLAG (3524) – PO Box 5292, Ventura CA 93005

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