People Matter (Episode 106)

Posted on 12. Nov, 2010 by in The Show

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The Audrey Johnson Show – People Matter – Episode 106 – Paul ‘The Flag Man’ Bramson – Flag installation on the Ventura Pier.

Audrey Johnson: I would like you to listen to some of the people we have met and what they have said about us installing the flags today.

Paul Bramson: A beautiful thing our American flag. It stands for our freedom, which is not free by any means.

[Installs first flag:] Here we go. To fly forever proudly.

Audrey Johnson: Yeaaahh! Whooo! That’s the first flag that just went up.

Audrey Johnson: So share with me your thoughts. I know you just shared that you donated to the cause. And..

*** Audrey interviews Mickey ***

Mickey: I’m a disabled veteran.

Audrey Johnson: And watching this, what Paul is doing, what does it do to you? Let me know.

Mickey: It’s special and it upsets me when people damage the flag, because they have no idea. Freedom is not free. And a lot of people gave their lives for it.

*** Audrey interviews Olga and Pacho ***

Audrey Johnson: Olga and Pacho and they are visiting California for the first time, and watching us putting the flags up. What do you think of the American flags flying here on this beautiful Saturday as we put it up?

Pacho: A beautiful day and when I first saw this, the flag over there, my first thought was, that was something unbelievable in Spain. In Spain, we don’t do this sort of things. And that’s something that really surprises me.

Audrey Johnson: Wow. So you don’t do this in Spain?

Pacho: Not really. No, No.

Audrey Johnson: And you were impressed with this?

Pacho: Yeah. I love this sort of patriotism.

*** Audrey interviews Jeff and Emily ***

Audrey Johnson: I am talking to Jeff and his wonderful daughter Emily. And I’m trying to get their impression of what they thought of the flag today. What’s your thoughts?

Jeff: I like the flags. I’ve read the story about them, and I’m glad to see they’re going back up.

Audrey Johnson: Great, great. Well I don’t know if you know Paul the Flag Man, Paul Bramson.

Jeff: I’ve heard about him, yes.

Audrey Johnson: And Emily, what do you think?

Emily: I think they’re really pretty.

Audrey Johnson: Are you going to have a birthday coming up? On Tuesday?

Emily: Yep.

Audrey Johnson: That’s a special day. That’s election day. But you’re going to be thirteen. That’s even better. [Laughter.] So what do you think of the flags? How do they look to you?

Audrey Johnson: I think it’s really patriotic, and I think they’re really pretty.

*** Audrey Johnson interviews others, and finally, Paul Bramson: ***

Audrey Johnson: Nine years ago, flags were flying everywhere. Today, you chose to have them fly again….

Paul The Flag Man: Yes.

Audrey Johnson: Why is that?

Paul The Flag Man: Thank you very much, Audrey. And thank you for having me on your show today.
This is almost November 1st, and November is the month that’s set aside for veterans’ month, because November 11th, we’re going to have our holiday, Veterans’ Day.
And it’s been a little over nine years, Audrey, since 9/11 occurred. And like you said, nine years ago at this time, there were lots and lots of flags flying because of what happened in New York City on 9/11.
But a couple of years after that, people started to take their flags down; They lost their patriotism; They forgot.
And I took it on to myself a while ago; I wanted to make the city of Ventura, and Ventura County, to be the most patriotic city, and the most patriotic county in the country.
So today, I put some flags up on the pier, once again, to show how Ventura should be the most patriotic city in the country;
And I’m also trying to go ahead and raise money for our homeless veterans, who once served to defend our country.
People tend to forget, Audrey, that freedom is not free,….

[…2 minutes more in Video…]

Please visit Paul The Flag Man’s web site, or call: – 805-659-3351

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