People Matter (Episode 102)

Posted on 12. Nov, 2010 by in The Show

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Listen and learn why Rachel Ulrich is uniquely qualified to be an education champion, as she speaks at this rally hosted by Audrey and Scott Johnson.

[Audrey Johnson:] Rachel Ulrich is running for the Ventura County Board of Education 2010 in Area 1. [Applause.]

[Rachel Ulrich:] Thank you Audrey for hosting us. I really appreciate this opportunity to speak to you.

County Board of Education: not one of the more well known boards in our county. So first I usually get to explain what it is.

County Board of Education covers areas that individual school boards don’t necessarily cover, such as special needs.

So all the special needs programs for our county school districts comes from the county board of education.

Schools like the high school for juvenile justice center is staffed by county office of education teachers.

We have the Trident school for severely autistic kids, which come from all over the county.

We currently have three kids in Ventura Unified Schools, so the next year I will have the distinction of being a PTA, a PTO, and a PTA. How about that? An elementary schooler, a middle schooler, and a high schooler.

So I feel that the board is lacking that parental view. I feel that the board needs to have someone who is actively going to schools every day, actively talking to teachers on a regular basis, actively talking to parents on a regular basis, knowing what the children are doing.

We don’t get a lot of press. We don’t get a lot of newspaper coverage. You’re not going to read a lot about it. So the only way that people really learn about these races is for you guys to learn and then go talk to your friends.

So if anything comes out of today, maybe my time, you taking your time, to get a really good understanding why it is important that we vote for these offices, and why it is important that we know who we are voting for.

Because it is a large budget. It is a one-hundred-eighty-eight million dollar budget.

And there was a period, from 2006 to 2008, where our county board of education gave away twenty thousand a month to lobbyists.

Ventura County had the distinction of being the county that spent the most money on lobbyists from their county board of education–in the whole state.

So $500,000 left our county. I’m not sure where it went and what it went for.

But, it’s not watching these kind of races, and not seeing who you’re getting in there, that does have an effect, quietly.

Unfortunately some people are watching, and…

[Who?:] More people with [Bell?].

Who knew? Who knew?

So it is important we watch these little races.

It is important who we elect.

And so I would appreciate all you guys talking to your friends, and making sure people understand the issues.

My district is area one, which is all of Ventura, but it does cover a portion of Oxnard, which is Silver Strand, Hollywood Beach, Oxnard Shores, and this whole area from Oxnard Boulevard down to Doris.

So there’s quite a bit of Oxnard in there as well, so I’ve spent some time coming down to Oxnard.

I appreciate you guys having me. So, if you have any questions…

[Allen:] Do you think charter schools should be expanded in the community? Or do you think we have a sufficient number of charter schools in relation to public schools at this time?

You know what? We should always look at something like charter schools… from the position that each charter school is a unique thing.

So you can’t say all charter schools are great, or all charter schools are horrible.

It’s never… They’re an individual curriculum, an individual idea that is coming forward.

And so I would never say we need more charter schools or we need less.

It would be–Let’s look at the charter schools we have; Let’s see if they’re actually working.

[…Four minutes more in video…]

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