People Matter (Episode 101)

Posted on 12. Nov, 2010 by in The Show

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Audrey Johnson interviews Nancy Wagoner, owner of The Dapper Dog and Cat Grooming in Oxnard California, after having taking in a homeless dog, a Golden Retriever named Buddy, recommended by Nancy. Here are clips of Buddy running with Sophie Obama, who was the first homeless dog adopted by Audrey Johnson almost two years ago. Nancy Wagoner talks about pet care and speaks highly of WEV, Women’s Economic Ventures. WEV also has an article on Nancy Wagoner’s business success story at

AJ: Live in 805, with the Audrey Johnson Show. I’m actually sitting here with Nancy Wagoner at the Dapper Dog Grooming.

I am so delighted to be here with you Nancy.

Nancy has touched my life, because our Sophie, actually Sophie Obama, our dog, she’s been with us now over a year.

We adopted her right here, and yesterday, we got another dog from Nancy — “Buddy”.

And Buddy… we we’re sure how Buddy and Sophie would get along; But you guys will be seeing some little clips of them.

Thank you, Nancy, for just touching our hearts and our lives and just bringing in these two dogs.

Nancy is a true entrepreneur here in Oxnard, and she’s done so many things for the community.

And I want her to share what Dapper Dog does here. And not only touching lives. There’s so many things going on here. So why don’t you share with us…

NW: Well, the Dapper Dog–We do dog grooming, and we also do cat grooming.

And so we do a lot with flea treatments.

We do a lot with helping customers in their training… with their dogs… new puppies.

It’s really a fun job, having to be all around puppies and I have quite a few dogs at home, so I’m never alone.

I love dogs. And I especially love those dirty dogs.

AJ: [Laughter.] Why do you love the dirty dogs so much?

NW: I just love them, when they all come in after a rain storm, and they’re just all dirty, with their mud…

And they say, “Oh look, they found a puddle.”

And then they go out and they’re smelling so cute, and then they look so great after we’re done with them.

You can always see the joy on our customers’ face.

AJ: Oh yeah. We definitely saw the joy of the one dog that just left here. He said you’ve been taking care of him since he was a baby.

NW: Just a baby.

AJ: Just a baby… Now Nancy, you’ve also been a member of “WEV”.

And WEV is Women’s Economic Ventures.

And you started off there, and you’ve been an entrepreneur, and you’ve done a variety of different things.

NW: I started off with them, to learn how to run my business, how to hire employees, how to do the accounting, how to do everything in a business.

I took over a business, and I said, Whoa, it’s not that easy. You’ve got to have the tools of learning how to run a business smooth, so the business can go on if you’re not in the building, so you know that your employees can run the business just the same as you’re there.

[There are ten more minutes on the video, including:
– Much about WEV,
– Tips on pet care,
– How to protect your dog or cat during Halloween, and
– Being a cancer survivor.]

The Dapper Dog and Cat Grooming is located at 3619 West Fifth Street in Oxnard. 805-382-0434.

“And you know what? We just love those dirty dogs!”–Nancy Wagoner.

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