Audrey Reflects (Episode 101)

Posted on 12. Nov, 2010 by in The Show

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The Audrey Johnson Show – “Audrey Reflects” – Episode 101 – Audrey Johnson reflects on President Obama’s speech tonight.

[Audrey Johnson speaking:] Good Evening.

You are on the Audrey Johnson show, and I’m so delighted that you decided to join me this evening.

Actually, after watching President Obama at a Young Professional Democratic network event this evening, I decided to call and share this with you, my thoughts.

President Obama as usual was just awesome. He is a great speaker. Don’t you think he is? I believe he is.

Well, he interested the nation, he talked about being around for the last two years. And one of the things he said, It’s not about being a Democrat or a Republican; It’s about being an American.

So, as an American citizen, a naturalized citizen, I want to share this with the young professionals out there, especially the Young Professional Group here in Ventura County, and see what you thought about it.

He had some great things I thought.

He talked about enthusiasm, if there’s a gap there.

And he also spoke about going out and voting November 2nd.

But I’m not here really to talk about politics, because not all of us want to talk about politics.

Let’s look at the energy that he came in with, and what we can do as American citizens, to go out for our communities.

And that’s why the Audrey Johnson Show came about.

After being laid off for two years–and many of you have lost your jobs, and some of you have just gotten out of college–some of you don’t even have work…

I was speaking to a young lady today, she is working in a retail store, and she mentioned that she just got her degree, and she spent a lot of money in terms of education and so forth, and she is not really doing what she went to school for; She was thinking of going back to get her masters, but she isn’t really sure, because she already is in debt.

So I wanted to see, What can we all do as American citizens? Some of us who don’t have jobs. Some of us who are in bed right now. You know, sometimes you can’t get up, because you are thinking, “Where can I get a job from? How…?”

It’s not about the job.

It’s about creating.

It’s about finding that thing within yourself–that strength–you know that you’re very… that you know you can do.

What are your strengths? What are…?

And that’s what I want to bring to you.

[Phone Ringing.]

Let’s ignore the phone for right now. I’m in my office, and I forgot to turn it down, so… Oh, don’t pay attention to it.

Let’s get a piece of paper out. Let’s do that together… and decide, “What are your strengths?”

I had to do that myself.

Draw down the Ben Franklin, down the middle, get a cross, and put it down.

And let’s look at it.

On one side, we’re going to put “strengths”.

And on the other, we’re going to put, “Things we want to improve on”.

Instead of calling it weakness, let’s say “Things we can improve on”.

So, What are your strengths?

I found out, one of my strengths is… Helping.

And I’m here to help you.

So you could help me, and I could help you.

So you find out, what are your strength? And, how do we help?

Let’s start with our community, that’s where we could start.

You could figure out, if you really like to help somebody, you could go down the street, and instead of deciding, “I don’t feel like it”…

Go to your neighbor. Take a flower. Go and ask, “How can I help you?” You’ll be surprised, you’ll find out.

Another strength: Let’s come up with another strength. I love to serve. I love to serve, because, you know, one of my favorite verses is Colossians 3:24. It said, “Whatever we do, do it with all our heart, knowing that we are not working for ourself; We’re working for our God, our Father.”

So, think about that for a second. Sometimes you think, “I need a job! I need a job!”

Remove the word JOB, and think of a career. What is your career? What can you do?

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